Raw. Probiotic. Tea.

Amsterdam's first kombucha

​est 2015

Kombucha is a healthy, bubbly, raw, vegan pro-biotic

fermented tea,
best served cold.
Made from organic ingredients,

it has a ton of health benefits when drinken daily.

It is a perfect replacement for soda or alcohol.

It has enzymes, b-vitamins, antioxidants yet
very few calories

But mostly, it is just delicious and cravable. Ask for 
Cultured Kombucha
at your local hangouts, yoga studios, grocery stores,
bars, resturants, homes.

Join the Cult(ure) of Kombucha
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We're growing up
(just like our cultures)

Due to the raw biological nature of the culture, crafting the perfectly effervescent elixir requires very careful production. Cultured Kombucha prides itself on being on the forefront of the utmost health & safety precautions. Working with the top Dutch microbiologists and botanists allows us to produce the best living product locally and sustainably.

Currently Cultured Kombucha is crafting small-batch living tea while developing our latest product line to be released on a larger scale early spring 2017. 
  1. Growler of the month club
  2. Made with love
  3. Local ingredients
  4. Recyclable bottles
  5. Brewed in Amsterdam
  6. Sparkling, delicious, and low calorie.
Meet The Team
Sharing and cultivating the culture of kombucha with you.
  1. Kelly Fagan
    Founder and head brewer at Cultured Kombucha, Kelly is from Las Vegas, but "grew up" in Paris and Brooklyn. Kombucha brewing enthusiast since 2010, she also works as a creative chef in Amsterdam.
  2. Tom Barker-Carley
    Tom, hailing from English garden, has ten years experience in both fine dining and patisserie but especially excels in the art of fermentation. He plays a key role in recipe development and ingredient sourcing.
  3. Jenn Tramaglino
    After ruling as Chief of Staff of one of the world's largest restaurant and nightclub groups, Jenn knows a bit about everything businessy and is one hand shake away from anyone in the world. She takes care of business.
  4. Ricky van Meer
    Ricky is a globe trotting free spirit and a natural teacher. Our communications manager, Ricky spreads the culture of kombucha by giving workshops, leading sales & marketing and being (at least by birth) Dutch.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.